Joshua Panda Band - Live at the Waterfront Tent - Burlington Discover Jazzfest

In the middle of my bartending shift (for Nectar's) at the waterfront tent on Thursday night of the Burlington Discover Jazzfestival, I took a break and shot some photos of the Joshua Panda Band's opening set.

Published in Sports Illustrated

  Sometimes hard work does really pay off...

The Stanley Cup Finals 2011 - Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins

  I was fortunate enough to get a chance to photograph all three Stanley Cup Finals games in Boston this year.  What a crazy series to be a part of.  It was a new experience for me, since this was the first professional championship game I've ever been to.  I picked a good one....

Burlington Discover Jazzfest - Kung Fu live at Club Metronome 06/09/11

  This year's Burlington Discover Jazzfest featured an incredible line up of musicians and bands and unfortunately I missed most of it.  Don't get me wrong I'm ok with that since I was photographing the Stanley Cup games in Boston.  That has always been a dream of mine and I still can't believe I was actually there.  I did get to see some good music...


A Clematis flower from our back porch

Pool Time... finallly!

  After a ton of rain and lots of flooding to start our summer here in Vermont, the sun has finally broke, the water is receding and the temperatures have crept into the 80s.  Time to hit the pool at our new house.

Spain vs USA mens soccer at Gillette Stadium

  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as the United States hosted Spain in an exhibition soccer match in front of the largest crowd to watch a soccer game in the New England area as over 64,000 fans packed Gillette Stadium.  Most of the crowd cheering for Spain.  From the get go Spain, fresh off the World Cup victory, dominated the entire game beating the United States 4-0.  It could have easily been 8-0 as a few of Spain's shots either hit off the cross bar or just missed the net.