Blues and Lazers 12-30-08

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/50 @f2:8, 17mm)

Blues and Lasers played Club Metronome on Tuesday night in downtown Burlington, Vermont. The band consists of Vermont locals Scott Tournet (guitar), Benny Yurco (guitar), Bryan Dondero (bass), Steve Shannon (drums), and Matt Burr (drums). You might recognize Scott, Bryan and Matt from the Band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Benny is from the band Turkey Bouillon Mafia.

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/100 @ f:1.8, 50mm)

I didn't get to the show until late because I was at the Mike Gordon Band show at Higher Ground. My girlfriend won tickets from The Point radio station so we went there first. I saw the first few songs of Mike's show at the Waterfront this summer and I had thought it sounds pretty good but I was not really impressed with the show at Higher Ground. We stayed for a while but I really wanted to go and catch the Blues and Lasers show.

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/30 @ f:2.8, 50mm)

Shooting concerts is probably my favorite kind of photography. There are so many good shows in this area but these days it has become a lot harder to bring a "professional" camera to shows at HG. You use to be able to bring your camera into almost any show but now you have to go through the band, management, or people at Higher Ground for a photo credential. I have done it many times but usually it is not worth the trouble because of all the restrictions associated with concert photography. I like shooting at Club Metronome because there is no restriction however the lighting really sucks.

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/80 @ f:1.8, 50mm)

Anyway, when we got to Metronome, Blues and Lasers were rockin' out to a decent size crowd for a Tuesday night. I immediately went to the front of the stage and began taking pictures. It has been awhile since I took photos of the a concert so it was good to get back to it. As usual the lighting was a challenge but my friend C-lo was doing lights for the band. She kicks ass at doing lights so that helped my photos.

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/30 @ f:2.8, 24mm)

The show kicked ass! Those guys rock so hard and they are all really good musicians. I wish I had skipped the Mike show and caught the whole set by B&L. I got some decent photos and they played one of my favorite Hendrix songs "Machine Gun" so it was an all around good time. Enjoy the rest of the photos.

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/50 @ f:2.8, 17mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/40 @ f:2.8, 35mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/50 @ f:2.8, 17mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/50 @ f:2.8, 25mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/25 @ f:2.8, 17mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/40 @ f:2.8, 35mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/30 @ f:2.8, 50mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/40 @ f:2.8, 30mm)

(Nikon D300, iso 3200, 1/30 @ f:2.8, 35mm)

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

Project Logic played at Club Metronome in Burlington, Vermont on June 2, 2008 for the Burlington Discover Jazz festival.  Mike Gordon sat in on couple of tunes at the end of the show.  The line up for the band included:

DJ Logic on the turn tables
Marco Benevento on the keyboards
Adam Dietch on the drums
Jared Nickerson on sax
Casey Benjamin on bass

DJ Logic

Marco Beneveto on keys

Adam Deitch on drums

Mike Gordon plays a couple of tunes with Project Logic on his birthday

Bad Suit and RAQ at Higher Ground

Last night Bad Suit opened up for The Bridge who then gave way to the band RAQ at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont on Friday night February 8, 2008.  RAQ guitarist Chris Michetti sat in with both Bad Suit and The Bridge and RAQ keyboardist Todd Stoops sat in on the keys with The Bridge.  Mike Gordon made an appearance and sat in on the bass for a cover of  "Them Changes" by RAQ late in the first set.


 Chris Michetti thanks Mike Gordon for sitting in.

 Chris Michetti


 Todd Stoops


Mike Gordon sits on bass



Bad Suit                                               


Alex Budney and Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens and Tim Sharbaugh

Chris Michetti and Kevin Stevens

Chris Michetti enjoys the bass work of Alex Budney

The Bridge                                                       
Todd Stoops and Chris Michetti sit in with The Bridge