Waylon Speed at Higher Ground February 27, 2011

Waylon Speed 02/27/11 - Images by Brian Jenkins

Waylon Speed opened up for the band Clutch at Higher Ground on Sunday night February 27, 2011 in South Burlington, Vermont.  They rocked the show and I think they might have picked up a few new fans.  Seriously check these guys out!!

Future Rock Star

  We set up a make shift studio in a spare bedroom of our house and had a fun little photoshoot.  I wanted to get a good picture of Harper with her missing front tooth and purple striped hair (which she just got) but she had other ideas, as usual.  She busted out the pink guitar and sun glasses, threw on the Miley Cyrus station on Pandora and danced around the room.  When Harper does is a photoshoot, she is in total control, directing the poses and outfits.  Most of the time she is aying "Take a picture of me like this."  During this shoot while dancing around she looks at me and says "I guess I should learn to play this thing."  I hope she does... future Rock Star!

A couple more photos after the break.

Nate Wilson Group at Nectar's on Friday night February 18, 2011

The Nate Wilson Group opened for Dr. Green at Nectar's on Friday night.  I didn't get a chance to shoot DR. Green but here are some photos from the set by the Nate Wilson Group.

Waylon Speed at Nectar's Febraury 4, 2011

Waylon Speed played at Nectar's on Friday night.  Great show.... if you missed it then you should definitely catch then next time around.  They will be opening up for Clutch at Higher Ground on the 27th.  That should be a hell of a show.

Here are some photos from the show....

Hug Your Farmer

  I love living here and I think we (Vermonters) are way ahead of the rest of the country in our ideas about food, taking care of this place and each other.  It's why I love this place and why I choose to live here.  We have an amazing music scene here as well and last night's show at Higher Ground was perfect exmaple of what makes Vermont special...

Bob, Ray and Russ with Zach and Pat • Live at Nectar's February 1, 2011

If you didn't come down to Nectar's last night, you missed out!!  An amazing night of music from both bands that played.  Zach Dupont and Pat Melvin opened the evening and Bob, Ray and Russ finished it off.  You still have a chance to catch Zach and Pat every Tuesday in February at Nectar's.  You won't be disappointed... and If you missed Bob, Ray, and Russ then you are out of luck because Ray Paczkowski and Russ Lawton are headed out on Trey Band tour.