Bad Suit and RAQ at Higher Ground

Last night Bad Suit opened up for The Bridge who then gave way to the band RAQ at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont on Friday night February 8, 2008.  RAQ guitarist Chris Michetti sat in with both Bad Suit and The Bridge and RAQ keyboardist Todd Stoops sat in on the keys with The Bridge.  Mike Gordon made an appearance and sat in on the bass for a cover of  "Them Changes" by RAQ late in the first set.


 Chris Michetti thanks Mike Gordon for sitting in.

 Chris Michetti


 Todd Stoops


Mike Gordon sits on bass



Bad Suit                                               


Alex Budney and Kevin Stevens

Kevin Stevens and Tim Sharbaugh

Chris Michetti and Kevin Stevens

Chris Michetti enjoys the bass work of Alex Budney

The Bridge                                                       
Todd Stoops and Chris Michetti sit in with The Bridge